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Captara is a private Dutch organization specialized in covert surveillance equipment and training, X-Ray solutions and advanced training courses.

What does partnering with Captara do for you?

  • We are seasoned professionals in the field of security. From our special forces background, we understand what matters to you. Quality and reliability are as important to you as to us.
  • Our advanced security solutions work in the field as you expect. We go beyond and deliver the solutions that deliver what they promise.
  • State-of-the-art products deserve the best training and instruction to make them valuable in operations. We make sure our trainers are the best in the business. They have a relevant background and their practical knowledge and skills are up-to-date.

Covert surveillance equipment

Advanced ECM and TSCM solutions

Standardized and customized X- Ray systems

Handheld and fixed X-Ray solutions

Training and Instruction

Operational practical experience

Special projects

Covert surveillance, predictive profiling and red teaming

The Lab

Innovative and Practical Solutions


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